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Frequintly Asked Questions

Welcome to #Run4BibleRands and thank you for joining this awesome team, showing support for Bibles – one kilometre at a time. Your every run will now be contributing to the Bible Society of South Africa’s Run4Bibles project and more specifically to #Run4BibleRands. Below are a few pointers to help you get the most out of this new chapter in your life. YOUR UNIQUE DONOR NUMBER By the time you get the link to this page you will have received your own unique donor number from me. This was issued by the Bible Society of South Africa (BSSA). Always use this number when making any donations to the BSSA. This is also the number your friends and family should use when they make any donations on your behalf. More about that below. * Please be advised that no one should ever make payments directly to you. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW ? GET THE WORD OUT The success of this project is relying on word or mouth. We have to get the message out there. Please tell your friends and family that you are now running for something more than yourself. Use your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get the message out there. You will find Run4BibleRands on several platforms. Below are some links you can use: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Run4BibleRands Twitter https://twitter.com/Run4BibleRands Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Run4BibleRands When posting on any of these platforms, you can use common hash tags like #Run4BibleRands #Run4Bibles #charity #PayItForward #MakingMilesAndMonetsCount #BibleSocietySA #Run4Bibles and so forth to draw attention to your posts. START RUNNING & KEEP A RUNNING LOG Now start running and keep a proper log of all your races. Remember that #Run4BibleRands only applies to official races. Just remember every kilometer converts to R1, so if you did 42.2km in races your contribution will be R42.20. MAKE YOUR PAYMENT At the end of each month, make your payment directly to the Bible Society of South Africa using the banking details below: Account Holder : Bible Society of South Africa Bank : ABSA Account number : 260 220 748 Branch Code : 632005 Important: When making your donation, use your DONOR NUMBER , first name and #Run4BibleRands as reference when making any payment. Then, please email your proof of payment Marina Stebbing on stebbing@biblesociety.co.za and the use this ONLINE FORM to inform me of your contribution so I can update the web page with the new amounts. This is where people can follow our progress and witness how we support Bibles - one kilometer at a time. It is really amazing to see how the amount grows every month. The cost of an outreach Bible this year is R59, so for every 59km we do we make available a new FREE Bible for someone who needs it most. If someone wish to match your monthly effort, either every month or once off, then they must use YOUR donor number plus THEIR NAME & #Run4BibleRands as reference and then provide you with proof of payment ( Eg : 12345 J Jacobs #Run4BibleRands ) and then you can follow the notification instructions above to share that info with Marina and I. Also mention any donations on social media, not to brag, okay, that too :) - but to draw attention to the cause and promote the #Run4BibleRands project. Remember, it is not necessary to share the details of the races you did and or kilometers you’ve done with either myself or Marina, we just require proof of payment. PICTURE - say “cheese” :) IMPORTANT PLEASE On the note of social media and the web page, please send me a clear picture ( portrait format ) of you so I can add it to the web page. Please see THIS LINK to see the pictures of the rest of the team - those are the kind of pics I am looking for. Please send me a pic with only you, not as part of a group. You can WhatsApp it to me ON 0825119222 or email it. [ Click Here ] to send me email ! IN CLOSING Thank you once again for taking hands with me in supporting the Bible Society of South Africa to make a difference in people’s lives. I wish you the very best on your new journey, and remember, when the going gets tough, remind yourself why you are doing this, not for a medal, not for pride and or attention, but to change lives, one step an one kilometer at a time. Last but not least, this is not a competition, this is a team effort and together we will be #MakingMilesAndMomentsCount ! Happy running and God bless ! Douw Prinsloo Founding Member of #Run4BibleRands If you have any other questions, please CONTACT US and we will try and get those answered as quickly as possible