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Frequintly Asked Questions

After joining, how long will I wait for my donor number ? As soon as I get your details I pass it on to Marina at the Bible Society and they will then process your application and issue your donor number which is unique to you. As soon as I get this back from them I will pass it on to you immediately.  But remember, you don’t have to wait for your donor number to start running or walking for Bible Rands. I am a walker, can I also join #Run4BibleRands ? Walkers are most welcome ! As per normal rules, you will only log the kilometers you have done in official race events. Initially Parkrun was excluded, but if it is your choice to do Parkruns, you are now welcome to make those kilometers count too. Do I need to belong to a running club to participate ? No, you don’t have to. Unlicensed runners are also welcome to join in the fun, as long as the events you do are official race events and or Park Runs. I really want to be part of Run4BibleRands but I am mostly doing shorter distances Not to worry. This was never an issue. In fact, now that an outreach Bible cost R59 per Bible, we will need every bit of help we can get. Last year we raised close to R31,000 which mean that we will have to do more to reach or beat that amount. So whether you’re doing a 5km, 10km, 15km, 21.1km, 32 km, a marathon or ultra, all those kilometers will count and when added up it makes a huge difference. What happens when I go on leave or deal with an injury and cannot do races ? Well, first of all, if you going on holiday, enjoy it. If you have an injury or recovering after surgery, well, then take care of yourself. We all need a break from time to time and that is a-okay. You can then choose to give a “gift f love” for that time that you’re not running, or wait until you’re back on the road and at the races again. What I used to do when I was out was to match my previous month’s donation amount. What happens to donations and how are our BibleRands applied by the Bible Society of South Africa The money we raise through the #Run4BibleRands charity are applied where it matter most and literally goes to the needy and the poorest of the poor, there where it matters most. By far the biggest project benefiting from these donations is the schools project where the Bible Society of South Africa make available Bibles free of charge to learners in schools in the poorest parts of our country. Grade 7 learners are the target group for this project because they can read with understanding. They are at the start of their teenage years and are especially impressionable. The biblical message can help to establish a value system which will assist them in making the right choices. Because the BSSA cannot do this on their own they rely on Churches and Christian organisations to identify the schools in need of Bibles. Each child also receives a booklet ‘Help! How should I read my Bible?’  In 2017, 24 611 Grade 7 learners in schools mainly in poor areas of our country, received a Bible of their own. These donations are also applied to the literacy projects to promote basic literacy, as well as Bible literacy, especially among children in the foundation stages of education through Bible-based literacy material. In 2017, though the prison outreach project, 15 871 prisoners received a Bible of their own thanks to this project. Our prisons in South Africa face various challenges, overcrowding, infectious deceases and violations of basic human rights, to mention just a few, and this is where the Bible brings hope. The Directorate of Spiritual Care of the Department of Correctional Services manages the distribution of these Bibles on behalf of the Bible Society of South Africa and these Bibles become the property of the prisoners. The Bible Listening Programme, serving the deaf and visually impaired community, is yet another crucial area where funds are desperately needed. R250 000 is needed for the Bible Listening Programme in 2018. For more detailed information on where donated funds are channeled to, you are welcome to visit the Bible Society of South Africa web page at the link below. https://www.biblesociety.co.za/index.php/take-action/projects  If you have any other questions, please CONTACT US and we will try and get those answered as quickly as possible