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Well done with your Comrades race today. I know it was a difficult time on the road for you, but you proofed that the impossible can be made possible. Great job. Sam, 10 June 2018 Douw, continue to do what you do. Your heart is in the right place. Good luck with Comrades. Johan Meyer, 09 June 2018 Jy is voorwaar 'n inspirasie vir ons almal.  'n Pragtige storie van ware deursettingsvermoë. HJ Stebbing, 07 June 2018 So proud of what you have achieved. Praying for you all the way ! Adri Taljaard, 04 June 2018 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” ( Isa 40:31 ). May this be true for you Douw. Never stop doing what God ask of you, continue to be faithful to Him and Him alone and let no one convince you to budge from what you believe in your heart is right. You delight yourself in the Lord and it shows in your work and it is also evident in the support people give to you. The way in which you serve Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men, and this is Biblical ( Rom 14:18) Kim Sanders, 01 June 2018 Sien jou op die pad van die Groot C, Douw! Dieter Gloeck, 23 May 2018 Have a blessed 10 June - Enjoy the experience !! David Van Dyk, 22 May 2018 From Douw : David, I know that you will have a great day too and enjoy that special back to back experience of yours. If you are a good boy they will give you two medals for a job well done at the finish line in Durbs. You’ve worked hard and your hard work will pay of. God bless my friend. Douw...baie baie sterkte. Ek glo in jou ...en onthou 'there is no turnaround'. Met die Here aan die Hand gaan dit nie anderste as baie goed gaan nie. Hardloop met Fil 4:13 en onthou Hy gaan jou voete soos die van 'n ribbok maak! Hy sal jou bene oplig en jy moet dit net neersit. Jy sal op jou voete wees en ons op ons knieë. Gaan en geniet jou lekkerste Comrades ooit! Mercia Wilken, 22 May 2018 Dear Douw, Good luck with your Comrades run on June 10th. I’ve never done it before but maybe one day I will saddle up this horse and take a ride on the wild side. You dedicating this run to those who face life’s real struggles is a wonderful idea. Be blessed and be safe. Lourens Meyer, 20 May 2018 I am also going to be running Comrades 2018 and am truly motivated by this worthy cause.  I love all your posts on Facebook too. Wishing you all the very best for a great Comrades 2018.  I'm hoping to finish this year too!  Hope to see you on road. Caroline Freer, 15 May 2018 From Douw : “Dear Caroline, Also wishing you the very best for your Comrades. Go out there and give it your best shot, be awesome and be unstoppable; your focus, the finish line ! And when the going gets tough, think about the Bibles you made possible and the lives they will change. Remember, ASIJIKI – NO TURNING BACK !” Hou aan met die goeie dinge wat jy vir ander doen Douw, en baie sterkte met Comrades. Etienne Brits, 10 May 2018 Douw, I understand that you have a burden to carry on your own. Remember, quitting is just not in your DNA. In the past your actions have proved that you are not the type of person who gives up easily and we all admire that in you. Good luck with the big C om the 10th of June. Wishing that many Bibles will come your way. Lynn, 08 May 2018 Good Luck! Hope the donation can make a difference! Doing my first comrades this year! Carel Robinson, 07 May 2018 From Douw : “Good luck with your first Comrades Carel. Go out there and be awesome. God bless and thank you for your continuous support. I appreciate it.” Dear Douw, someone once said, “Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do.” Despite your own challenges you have decided to take this massive leap of faith and take on Comrades number three for Bibles. You understand that real living is living for others. This is maybe your “journey” but it is others that benefit and it is He who gets all the glory. Hats off to you and may God be with you, every step of the way, from now until you cross that finish line in Durban on 10 June. You can do this. Marie Van Wyk, 05 May 2018 This is so inspiring Douw. Thanks so much for sharing and for everything you put into helping others. I wish you the best of luck for Comrades, please keep us updated on your progress and most of all...enjoy! God bless... Hilary Meyer, 01 May 2018 You continue to inspire me! Thanks for the reminder my friend in South Africa, “Happy Today “ Jennifer Elizabeth Monteith, 30 April 2018 Dear Douw, Wishing all the very best for this third instalment of your Comrades for Bibles. I read about your health and other challenges but I know that of all people you are the one that can overcome all this and push on to make this happen, again. For you, Philippians 4:13 (NKJV), “I ( you ) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ( you ).” God bless and good luck. Marianne, 25 April 2018 I am following you in Twitter and always love the Run4BibleRands images you post. Such an inspiration. I trust that the positive vibes you put out there every day, will be returned to you, multiplied, and that you will have a great run at Comrades. Every step is for Christ and that will carry you through. Strongs! Linda Day, 22 April 2018 [ SUBMIT YOUR OWN MESSAGE OF SUPPORT ]
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