So Comrades 2018 is something of the past and I am extremely grateful that I was able to finish this one in time. It was a tough day on the road. I had one of two choices, use my challenges over the past few months as an excuse to withdraw from the race, or pitch up and do it. My charity #Run4BibleRands and #Comrades4Bibles made the choice sort of obvious, do what I always tell others to do, enter, pitch up, start, push on and finish. That sounds simple, I know, but it isn’t. It was a tough day on the road but everyone who gave so generously to the charity cause kept me motivated to do my best to get to that finish line. Pacing is my thing, but goodness me, this year I pushed that to the very limits when I came in at 11:57:31, yea, 2 minutes and 29 seconds before the final 12 hour cut-off time. I will share my race experience later, for now I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who believed in me, who believed in my cause and for all your love and support not only before or one race day, but throughout this very challenging past few months. This one was for Bibles and for all of you. My name is Douw Prinsloo and for the past two years I have dedicated my Comrades marathons to raise money for the Bible Society of South Africa ( BSSA ) as part of my #Run4BibleRands charity drive and this year won’t be any different. Yes, here I go again. My fifth consecutive run of the iconic Comrades Marathon will again be for Bibles. In 2017 the generous hearts of people raised the bar to R12,154.00 and this allowed the BSSA to distribute 243 Bibles ( at R50 per Bible ) for FREE to those who need it most. Hopefully we can match that amount, or maybe better it ? Fact is, this year the cost per Bible has been raised now to R59 per Bible. [ Read the background to this decision here ] [ See what your donations are used for ] First and foremost I am doing my Comrades for Bibles like I did for the past two years, but I have also decided to dedicate my Comrades 2018 to those who cannot run this year, for whatever reason, but also to those who are dealing with some challenges in their lives right now; this can be anything really; relationship issues, work issues, family matters, domestic violence, health, finances, bullying, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, academic problems, peer pressure. The list goes on and one. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, I want to run for you. For one day, on the 10th of May, I want to symbolically carry your burden with you. I will have your name, along with all the other names, in an envelope, with me on the road , during the whole race, from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. Below are the links to the two easy to use online forms you can use to submit your details to me. They are also mobile friendly, so you can do it straight from your smart phone or tablet. * Be assured that your details will be confidential and I will not only Run For You, I will also pray for you by name. [ AFRIKAANS ] [ ENGLISH ] This project started off by way of per kilometer sponsorships, but soon it turned out that individuals just preferred to give once off donations. This turned out to be the easiest way to show support and also turned out to make the admin much easier to manage. Although once off donations proved to be the prefered way for people to show support, you are welcome to support this cause in any way you choose, by way of a once off donation  or a per kilometer sponsorship. The choice in entirely yours ! Off course I will also greatly appreciate your prayers and emotional support. There will also be a “MESSAGES OF SUPPORT” form below where you can show your support, not only to me but to all #Run4BibleRands team members who will be running Comrades Marathon 2018. It is the support from you, the public, that carries us through a really tough day on the road. Please use this reference as part of your payment details : CM18-684851-YourSurname. Your payment reference should look something like this : CM18-684851-VanDerMerwe or CM18-684851-Maritz. This will assist the BSSA to verify deposits captured on the recon I will provide to them after Comrades. All donations have to be paid into the bank account of the Bible Society of South Africa BANK DETAILS Account Holder :  Bible Society of South Africa Bank :  ABSA Account number :  260 220 748 Branch Code :  632-005 Reference :  Please make sure you use the reference format stated above Next up, below you will find two user friendly online forms you can use to indicate your choice of support. The “I PLEDGE” form will allow you to make a pledge. Your details will be captured and I will then remind you of your pledge a week or so before and after Comrades. As a token of my respect for people’s privacy I will not send out multiple spam mails as reminders, only two ! The “DONATION NOTIFICATION” form is the one to use when you have already made a donation. This will allow you to submit to me your your personal details, deposit amount and more important, your proof of payment. Without proof of payment I will not be able to process the donation and the amount submitted will have to be omitted. The best way to do this is to send yourself a proof of payment and then attach that PDF of JPG document to the form when you submit it to me. Easy peasy, right... Available Online Forms : [ I PLEDGE ] [ DONATION NOTIFICATION ] [ MESSAGES OF SUPPORT ]
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